Alseye Halo H120 4.0 120mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler

The H120 AiO water cooling system of the ALSEYE HALO series impresses with its compact design and ensures, thanks to the cooling plate made of copper and the radiator made of pure aluminum, for a reliable removal of the generated heat. The 120mm PWM fan provides a reliable heat removal at up to 2000 rpm and also lights up in rich RGB colors.
  • Skive copper base for easy heat conduction.
  • Three-phase brushless sensorless motor and driver.
  • Disconnect-type impeller design
  • High reliability FEP tubing.
Product Code: H120-4.0
Price Updated On: 03 Feb, 2023
Warranty: 1 Year Local Warranty*
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Rs. 14,699

Product Details

Double cavity water block design

Independent pump, internal motor, smooth flow.The form of dipper tooth copper heatsink makes the better heat conduction.

Three-phase motor & Separate impeller design

Surging power, faster water flow.

FEP material pipe, industrial-grade seal

Effectively reduces the evaporation rate of coolant.Special pipe material, resistant to corrosion and oxidation greatly improves the service life of the pipe.

Dazzling LOGO RGB water block design

Built-in RGB module, cool and shiny

Densification aluminum radiator

High density fin, large heat dissipation area.High density folding leaves, better heat dissipation efficiency.

With URA RGB circle fan, more distinctive visual effect

Unified luminous effect of water block and fan,forming a beautiful color

Equipped with universal platform metal brackets

Compatible with various mainstream platforms of both Intel and AMD

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