Congratulations on purchasing your new ZOTAC graphics card. If your card qualifies for any NVIDIA game bundle, please follow the steps below to redeem your game code. 1. Visit: 2. Fill out your name, email address and date of birth. 3. Choose Pakistan in the country drop down menu. 4. Login to your PakDukaan account and click on the Order History and Details tab. 5. Download the relevant invoice. The invoice will be in PDF format. 6. Once you open the invoice, you will be able to see the purchase date and Invoice number as shown below. 7. Fill out the information below according to your invoice. Choose the campaign that applies to your graphics card. Please note that the Invoice scan requires you to upload your invoice in JPG format. For this please google "pdf to jpg converter" and use any free online converter to convert your invoice into JPG format. 8. Take a picture of the serial number of your graphics card. The serial number of the graphics card shown below is N163000035979. Please do not try to use this serial number to claim game codes. It will not work. 9. Fill out the serial number of your graphics card and also upload the jpg image of the serial number as shown above. 10. Fill out the shop name as PakDukaan. 11. Fill in the captcha and then click on submit. 12. Confirm that you receive an acknowledgement of submission. If you are not redirected to this page, you will have to fill out the form again. 13. Success! Now you will just have to wait for 3-10 days before receiving your game code from NVIDIA. You will receive it in your email directly from an NVIDIA employee.