Although G.SKILL has long reigned the computer memory market, it has just entered the computer peripherals market. G.SKILL has recently released its high quality premium gaming keyboards, headsets and mouse. Today we will review the all new G.SKILL RIPJAWS MX780 gaming mouse.

G.SKILL MX780 Gaming Mouse in Pakistan

Gaming mice are a personal preference and due to the myriad of options available to prospective buyers, picking the right one can be very difficult. G.Skill is entering the market by offering a high quality heavily customizable product, the Ripjaws MX780, which offers a number of tweakable options that help it stand out from the crowd. 

RGB lighting options? Check. Adjustable weights? Check. Swappable finger and thumb grips? Check. Combine those with a barebones design, high-quality Avago A9800 sensor, unbranded Teflon feet and a number of other useful features and it seems like the perfect package.

RIPJAWS MX780 Feature Summary

  • 8,200 DPI Laser Sensor
  • 8 Programmable Buttons
  • 3-Zone Custom RGB Lighting
  • Ambidextrous & Height-Adjustable Design
  • G.SKILL Unified Driver System
  • 5 On-The-Fly DPI Steps W/ Color Indicator
  • Interchangable Side Grips
  • Gaming-Grade Laser Sensor
  • Omron Micro-Switch W/ 20 Million Click Durability
  • Tracking Up To 150ISP & 30G Acceleration
  • 512KB Onboard Memory
  • PTFE Glide Pads
  • Up to 1000Hz Polling Rate (1MS)
A cursory glance at the list heightens our expectations and we hope that the MX780 lives up to them. The MX780 is an eight-button ambidextrous mouse: The standard Left, Middle, and Right Click, a DPI switch behind the scroll wheel, two thumb buttons on the left and two thumb buttons on the right.

It features 1,000 Hz polling rate, braided fabric cable sheathe, 512 KB onboard memory for profile storage, and an 8,200 DPI sensor. Although some gaming mice boast higher DPI numbers, the MX780 has enough for the vast majority of users.

G.Skill Ripjaws

The brushed-metal bottom

G.SKILL deserves applaud for the top notch build quality. The MX780 is built from aluminum, giving it both durability and fine aesthetics. Given that most of mice in the market are entirely shrouded in plastic and rubber, the MX780 feels like a huge step up in terms of quality. It screams “Premium Mouse” even though it's not more expensive than the competition.

And the four-zone RGB lighting is as well-implemented as anything by Razer or Logitech. Just make sure you download G.Skill's software suite and change the color, because the default is a girly pinkish color.

Let's get into the cool stuff, though—namely, the fact the MX780 is pretty much “G.Skill's less black-and-green version of the Razer Ouroboros.” Or, if you prefer, it's an ambidextrous version of Logitech's G502 Proteus Core.

The MX780 has thumb channels along both sides. These channels are held on with magnets, and can be swapped out for more/less textured versions with wider/narrower footprints.

G.Skill Ripjaws

Remove the trays and you can also slot 4.5 gram weights into each side—a nice touch, though it tends to make the mouse a bit heavy in the back (or to one side) instead of the G502's more equal distribution of weight.

Flip the mouse over and you'll find a hex key you can turn to adjust the height of the palm rest. Used to palm-gripping? You'll probably want to push it a bit higher. Claw gripper? Keep it low so you don't have to bend your fingers quite as much.

Bottom line

G.SKILL has come out with a fantastic gaming mouse. The RIPJAWS MX780 with its stunning looks and incorporation of high-end features and components such as RGB lighting, brushed aluminium parts, interchangeable grips and adjustable weights is our go to mouse in its price range. In short, we highly recommend the MX780 to anyone who wants a premium mouse at a reasonable price.