Cougar SCREAMER-X Studio Microphone for All-purpose

The Screamer-X is a must have for the next generation of content creators, video editors, and artists. Its multiple microphone omnidirectional modes and easy to use USB plug and play design is tailored for streaming, interview and instrument recording. Triple large microphones and noise reduction gives you the crisp clarity and contemporary tools for today’s multi-task creator.
  • Intuitive Tap to Mute Button Indication
  • Environmental Noise Reduction Switch
  • Mounting Screw Hold for Crane Microphone Stand
  • Type-C Connection for Faultless Transmission
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Price Updated On: 30 Aug, 2022
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Rs. 38,499

Product Details

Omnipotent Pick-up Microphones

Triple Integrated 360-degree high-fidelity capsules receive a clear, mild, and neutral sound. Adjustable patterns accurately respond to the pick-up directions in a wide variety of applications.

Multiple Anti-vibration Structure

Tailor-made Anti-vibration Rubbers for Triple 16mm Drivers. Rubbers with Point-gripping for Reducing Vibration. Rubber Dampers for Vibration Absorption

Environmental Noise Minimization for Clarity

Double filters allow you to accurately capture your vocal contents without noise, such as wind, a blast of hard letters, like B’s, P’s, T’s, and so on. Exclusive dampers can mildly undermine the mild low frequency. By switching on NR, Noise Reduction, with orange light, the algorithm will accurately pick up your vocal but filter the environmental noise.

** The best reduction performance is in solo gaming streaming within 15cm distance, closed to the pop-filter.

Exquisite RGB Stand with USB 3.0 Hub

By switch the bottom, the RGB base will illuminate your style. A convenient USB 3.0 Hub is designed for extra extension.


  • Intuitive Tap to Mute Button Indication
  • Environmental Noise Reduction Switch
  • 3 Omni-dimensional Microphones
  • 4 Pick-up Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Shotgun, Bi-directional & Omni-directional
  • Convenient Lag-free Monitoring
  • Type-C Connection for Faultless Transmission
  • Double Pop Filter: Internal and Detachable Kit
  • Mounting Screw Hold for Crane Microphone Stand
  • Anti-vibration through Multiple Rubber Materials
  • Adjustable RGB Lighting Base and USB High-speed Hub
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