Tribit QuietPlus 50 Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Tribit QuietPlus 50 Bluetooth over-ear headphones use Industrial grade noise reduction technology, it can effectively quell airplane cabin, city traffic, and busy office noise to make you focus on what you want to hear.
  • Noise Cancellation Technology
  • Balanced and Warm Sound Built-In 40mm Speaker Unit
  • Bluetooth 5.0 and Qualcomm Chip for Extreme Stability
  • Up To 30 Hrs of Playtime & USB-C Charging
Product Code: QuietPlus-50
Brand: Tribit
Warranty: 1 Year Local Warranty*
Availability: In Stock
Rs. 8,399

Product Description

Drown the Noise

QuitePlus 50 is equipped with an advanced Noice Cancellation Technology which allows you to drown the right amount of ambient noise and bring your music to focus. Engage in just your music and nothing else.

Sounds Sensational

Experience dynamic and a warm sound signature that is carefully balanced. We've tuned the headphones to sound great with all genres of music and at all volume levels.

Lucid Conversations

QuitePlus 50 allows for rich and crystal clear phone conversations with its advanced Clear Voice Capture technology. This allowed our engineers to amplify voice clarity and denoise the clutter.

Rock Solid  Stability

Qualcomm chip along with Bluetooth 5.0 allows an ultra-stable connectivity of up to 49 clear feet, enabling you to seamlessly stream your music from a distance.

Full Day Playtime and Simplicity

With an outstanding 30 hours playtime, you can easily indulge in your lengthiest of playlists without a break. When it is time to juice-up again, USB-C charging allows you a hassle-free experience.

Compact and Ultra-Light

QuitePlus 50 is built to be lightweight and durable for extended hours of usage. Its foldable design allows a compact form factor and makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

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