Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Ice Shield Echo Tempered Glass Case by ESR

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Ice Shield Clears absolute clarity with the scratch less finish due to glass being present on the back. You feel the clear glass at all times that doesn’t yellow with time as well.
  • Compatibility For The Iphone 12 Pro Max 2020
  • Tough Tempered Glass
  • Air-Guard Corners
  • Stays Looking Clear
Product Code: 12-PRO-MIS
Brand: ESR

Product Details

Compatibility: Designed specifically for the iphone 12 Pro Max (2020).
Tough Tempered Glass: Combines a scratch-resistant glass back and a flexible polymer frame for protection against scratches, dings, and scrapes.
Air-Guard Corners: Shock-absorbing cushioned corners help protect your iphone 12 Pro Max from drops & bumps.
Stays Looking Clear: The crystal-clear glass back & yellowing-resistant frame showcase your iphone’s original look while offering a comfortable grip.

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