Headsets & Accessories

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Headsets & Accessories

Redragon Theseus H250 Gaming Headset

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Headsets and accessories allow you to talk with your gaming buddies online. Whether you are a social gamer or a professional e-sports streamer, headsets allow you to communicate with the online gaming community. Choose from a selection of wired headsets for audio clarity or wireless Bluetooth® headsets for portability and mobility.

Headsets Transport you to the Battle

Although games are great fun, they can sometimes be too loud. The constant explosions or crowd celebrations can often annoy the non-gaming household members. With gaming headsets, you do not have to worry about this at all. Gaming headsets allow you to become immersed in the gaming world, without causing any distractions to other household members. The 7.1 surround sound headsets allow you to detect enemy movements with pinpoint precision.

Which Headset and Accessories Should I Get?

Buying gaming headsets can get confusing for the first time buyer. Headsets come with various different connections. The most common connection for PCs and consoles is the 3.5mm jack. For certain gaming consoles like the older Xbox and PlayStation, you might need an adapter. There are now also USB and Bluetooth headsets available on the market. Most high end headsets come with a software suite that allows custom configurations. You can tweak the treble, bass & more with the gaming headset software.

What are Wireless Bluetooth Headsets used for?

Many companies, like SteelSeries and Sennheiser are now making wireless Bluetooth headsets. These headsets generally come with a rechargeable battery and require no wires during regular use. This allows you to have more flexibility while gaming. These headsets can also be used with the charging wire on, in case of low battery.