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Antec GX202 Mid Tower Gaming Case Blue LED
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Antec NX Series NX410 ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - White
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What form factors do PC Cases Come In?

PC cases come in three main form factors:

• Full Tower: Can be used for EATX motherboards and smaller
• Mid Tower: Can be used for ATX motherboards and smaller
• Mini Tower: Can be used for Micro-ATX motherboards and smaller

The larger the tower, the more space and thus more drive bays it has. Generally the drive bay limit is:
• Full Tower: Up to 13 drive bays
• Mid Tower: Up to 10 drive bays
• Mini Tower: Up to 6 drive bays
Mid towers are the most common form factor for everyday use.

Case Materials
Cases are generally made up of steel, aluminium or hard plastic, and are usually a combination of the three. There are certain acronyms associated with case materials: SPCC, SGCC, SECC, which refer to how the case was forged. For example SPCC means ‘commercial grade rolled carbon steel’ while SECC is ‘electrogalvanized Zinc plating.’ Aluminum cases are generally considerably lighter than steel cases.