Thermal Compound / Grease (Paste)

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Ceramic Thermal Compound (also known as thermal grease, CPU grease, heat paste, thermal paste, heat sink compound, ceramic thermal compound) is a thermally conductive compound. It eliminates the microscopic air gaps between heat sinks and heat sources. Common heat sources include CPUs (processors) and GPUs (graphics cards).

Using thermal pastes helps maximize heat transfer from the CPU to the heat sink fan. This allows for optimal performance and enhances the device’s life. Without a thermal paste, the CPU or GPU will burn out within a matter of minutes.

Do you know the difference between a thermal paste and a thermal adhesive? A thermal adhesive provides both mechanical bonding and thermal conduction, while a thermal paste provides only thermal conduction. Be sure not to use a thermal adhesive on a CPU because that will cause the CPU to permanently bond with the heat sink.

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