Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Krystec Case - Clear

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Krystec Case Ultra-Yellowing Resistant case is engineered using cutting-edge techniques and made almost entirely from never-yellowing, ultra-clear polycarbonate, this is the longest-lasting, clearest way to show off your phone
  • Only for iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Innovatively engineered for the longest-lasting clarity
  • Shock-absorbing polymer defends phone’s bottom edge
  • 1.6-mm thick back protects while maintaining your phone’s sleek profile
Product Code: PD-9498
Brand: ESR
Price Updated On: 01 Feb, 2023

Product Details

Krystec™ Clear

Engineered using cutting-edge techniques to combine the maximum amount of never-yellowing polycarbonate with just enough high-grade polymer to ensure 360° protection.

The Longest-Lasting Clarity

The ultra-clear polycarbonate means this case not only starts out looking great but maintains its clarity for longer than any other case, to give you the clearest way to show off your phone.

Military-Grade Protection

Get protection where it really counts via shock-absorbing corners, raised screen edges, and the Camera Guard, and keep your phone looking and working like the day you bought it.

Comfortable Grip

A thin coating of polymer around the sides gives you a better, firmer hold and provides enhanced shock-absorbing protection.

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