Tone Winner TJ-K8 5.1 Channel AV Hi-Fi Wooden Floor Standing Speakers
10% Off
  • Speaker unit: 1-inch tweeter + 5-inch midrange + 8-inch double mid-bass
  • AV/HI-FI compatible set of 7 channels
  • Double 8 inch and Middle Bass Horn
Rs. 417,999Rs. 464,000
Tone Winner YX-01P 5.1 Wireless Home Theater Speakers
10% Off
  • Support Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD&barkward Dolby audio formats
  • Support DTS:X, DTS Master&barkward DTS audio formats
  • Support 4K, RGB4:4:4, 18GHz band width
  • YX-01P has 15 speaker units and supports 5.1.4 speaker setup with wireless
Rs. 521,999Rs. 580,000
Tonewinner TD-8 7.1 AV Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Speakers
10% Off
  • TD-8 is 3-way four-unit floor-standing speaker with rear bass reflex design
  • Long-term Effort for Flagship Speaker
  • TD-8 will give you warm and stunning sound as the theater effect.
  • Elegant Cabinet Design, Hi-Fi Audio Crossover
Rs. 939,999Rs. 1,044,000