Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max MagEZ Case 3 MagSafe Compatible Case by PITAKA - Black / Grey Twill 1500D

iPhone 14 Pro Max MagEZ Case 3 is Made from 1500D aramid fiber which is widely used in aerospace and military applications, unlike carbon fiber, this fine-weaved case will not interfere with the signal and it is non-conducting, offering long-lasting protection for your phone, and preventing color fading and daily scratches.
  • Thin and lightweight Skin-friendly 3D grip
  • MagSafe and MagEZ 2.0 compatible
  • Made using durable yet lightweight aramid fiber
  • Raised lip for camera protection
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Price Updated On: 19 Oct, 2023
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Rs. 13,499

Product Details

 As Thin As A Credit Card

The PITAKA iPhone 14 case, even with built-in MagSafe magnets, is 0.95mm thin (600D version), and with a minimum weight of 17.3g, lighter than 2 half dollar coins. 

Minimalist Style

You want to enjoy the original design of your iPhone 14 and appreciate its beauty as much as possible.

Adequate Protection

You take good care of your iPhone, knowing that a case that protects your phone from scratches, scuffs, and bumps will suffice.

A Lighter Lifestyle

You want to drop the unnecessary weight and start to live a simpler and lighter life.

Compatible with MagSafe and PitaFlow for Phones

Your iPhone 14 will work perfect with your MagEZ Slider, MagSafe Charger, and other MagSafe-enabled accessories without loss of magnetic strength. 

 Skin-friendly 3D Grip™

Through our sophisticated vacuum forming process, we keep the unique granular texture, 3D Grip™, on the surface of the aramid fiber case, to give excellent grip and premium feel in your hands

Timeless Style & Understated Elegance

The classic black/gray and black/blue cases exude timeless luxury. And the Fusion Weaving series, Overture and Rhapsody, were selected to easily style up your new iPhone. They were crafted using our proprietary Fusion Weaving technique, so they have this never-before-seen style to instantly make your phone look more fashionable.

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