Cooler Master MasterFan MF120 Halo² 120mm 3 in 1 PC Case Fan - White

In response to the success of the MasterFan Halo series, Cooler Master has introduced the redesigned MasterFan MF120 Halo². With a 10% increase in fan blade size, it delivers superior airflow and enhanced cooling performance. 
  • Vibrant ARGB Gen 2
  • Dual Loop Halo²
  • Enlarged Fan Blades
  • Dynamic PWM Fan 0 RPM to 2,050 RPM
Product Code: MFL-B2DW-213P2-R2
Brand: Cooler Master
Price Updated On: 05 Jun, 2024
Warranty: 1 Year Local Warranty*
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Rs. 16,299
Product Details

Vibrant ARGB Gen 2

Experience even more vibrant lighting with larger LED rings that enhance illumination by 50%.

Dual Loop Halo²

Improved airflow with striking dual-loop ARGBlighting. The redesigned hybrid frame ensures stability without compromising operational real estate for the fan

Enlarged Fan Blades

Experience a 10% increase in size with Air Balance fan blades, providing enhanced airflow and improved cooling performance.

Cooling Performance

Optimized through a fine-tuned P-Q Curve, this fan boosts both air flow and pressure while maintaining even greater quietness compared to its predecessor.

Enhanced Driver IC

An upgraded driver IC enhances cooling performance while minimizing fan noise for a quieter and more efficient operation.

Dynamic PWM Fan

Experience dynamic fan speeds (4-Pin) adjustable from 0 RPM to 2,050 RPM, allowing for minimal fan noise or maximum airflow based on your preferences.

Secure Connection

Eliminate loose connections with included clips that secure your cables, providing a simple and reliable cable management solution.

LED Controller A1

Simplify your experience without the need for an ARGB-capable motherboard or intricate software. With three available ARGB headers, each capable of connecting up to 80 individual LEDs, you can achieve a total of up to 240 LEDs effortlessly.

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