DXRacer Craft Pro Classic Gaming Chair - Black

DXRacer’s Craft series is developed to push the boundaries of being extremely versatile, and ergonomically advantageous, with a sleek design. Its origins come from one of DXRacer’s very first products ever made back in 2006, the popular Drifting series. This gaming and office chair is exquisite craftsmanship with its durable cold foam padding, high-quality faux leather cover and fine stitching details.
  • Up to 255 Lbs | Up to 6'1"
  • 90°~135° Reclining Backrest
  • High Density Memory Foam
  • Anti-pinch Hand Protective Cover
Product Code: CRA-PR001-N-H1
Brand: DXRacer
Price Updated On: 04 Aug, 2023
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Rs. 124,499

Product Details

2D Integrated Lumbar Support

2D integrated lumbar support fits the curve of your spine. Turning the adjustment knob in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction increases or decreases the lumbar support's depth.

Height Adjustable Headrest

Made with high-density and slow-rebound memory foam, the adjustable headrest is super breathable, elastic, and can be moved for maximum comfort exactly where it is needed.

Extra Wide and Thick Seat Cushion

The extra wide and thick seat cushion not only provides you with ample room for comfort, but is also durable and hard-wearing. The slow-rebound memory foam helps alleviate soreness and pressure on your hip, allowing long hours of seating comfort.

4D Armrest

The 4D adjustable armrest offers dynamic support for your forearms and alleviates pressure from your shoulders by adjusting to your posture needs.

60,000 Cycles Armrest Durability Test

A force of 400 N is repeatedly applied to the armrest for 60,000 cycles.

90°~135° Reclining Backrest

Craft Series offers a reclining angle of 90 to 135 degrees to accommodate users' sitting posture preferences. It's ideal to activate the rocking mode for those times when you want to unwind, watch TV or take a nap.

90° for Gaming or Working

Recommended angle for proper sitting posture.

135° for Relaxing

Globally recognized safety angle for reclining.

Upgraded Parts

The multi-functional tilt mechanism and a Class 4 hydraulic piston are certified by SGS and tested in accordance to the BIFMA standards. The reinforced wheelbase offers long-lasting stability and safety.

Multi-functional Tilt Mechanism

The multi-functional tilt mechanism allows you to sit at preferred angles and lock the seat in your perfect position for gaming or unwinding.

Class 4 Hydraulics

In accordance to the BIFMA standards and certified by SGS, our Class 4 hydraulics provides maximum safety and easier height adjustability for optimal ergonomic support.

2.36'' PU Quiet Swiveling Casters

The PU-coated casters roll more quietly and smoothly than ever before on most surfaces.

Multi-functional Tilt Mechanism

DXRacer's multi-functional tilt mechanism allows users to customize the rocking function and seat height. You can also lean back and lock your chair at your desired angle.

15° Rocking Function

Flip the left handle to enable the rocking mode.

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