Glorious Model D Wireless RGB Gaming Mouse - Matte White

Impossibly lightweight, an ergonomic gaming mouse with lag-free connectivity and lightning-fast performance with our proprietary BAMF sensor. It eliminates frustrating latency with its industry-leading wireless connectivity. 69 grams (nice) only!
  • Glorious BAMF Sensor
  • Glorious Switches Rated for 80 Million Clicks
  • 69 grams ± 2g
  • Lag-Free 2.4 GHz Wireless Connectivity
Product Code: GLO-MS-DW-MW
Price Updated On: 11 Jul, 2024
Warranty: 1 Year Local Warranty*
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Rs. 22,999
Product Details

Lag-Free 2.4 GHz Wireless Connectivity

The Model D Wireless eliminates frustrating latency with its industry-leading wireless connectivity. The state-of-the-art technology packed inside prevents double-clicking and unresponsiveness, producing an unbelievably smooth operation.

Next-Gen BAMF Sensor

The proprietary BAMF Sensor redefines what is possible in a gaming mouse. Made in collaboration with Pixart, BAMF is optimized for unrivaled performance with a lower power draw - allowing you to game harder and longer than ever before. The sensor provides pinpoint precision with its 400 IPS tracking speed, 19,000 programmable DPI, and up to 1000 Hz polling rate.

Maximum Comfort, Minimal Weight

At a mere 69 grams, the Model D Wireless is one of the lightest wireless mice on the market and utilizes a right-handed, ergonomic design that satisfyingly cradles your palm.

Life Up To 71 Hours

Spend more time gaming with the Model D Wireless’ incredible 71* hours of play time on a single charge. (*Measured with RGB Off)

Wired & Wireless Modes

D Wireless comes with a flexible USB-C Ascended™ charging cable for nonstop performance when you need it most. The mouse allows for seamless operation in wired and wireless modes.

Honeycombs Designed for Strength

Its honeycomb shell helps reduce weight while maintaining strength. Easy to clean and also helps improve airflow while you game.

16.8 Million Custom Colors

Stunning 3-Zone RGB lighting with fully customizable profiles. Save separate profiles for Wired and Wireless modes.

Glide Smoothly with G-Skates Feet

Say goodbye to shoddy stock mouse feet and hello to the silkiest skates on the market. The included Glorious G-Skates allow the Model D Wireless to effortlessly float across your mousepad with their rounded, snag-proof design and 100% pure virgin PTFE composition. 0.81mm thickness for long-lasting durability.

Big or Small. Your Choice.

The Model D Wireless comes with 4 pre-installed G-Skates mouse feet. We include additional larger G-Skates with your mouse purchase for those seeking a more comprehensive PTFE surface for maximum glide.

Matte Black & Matte White

The Model D Wireless comes in matte black and matte white, allowing you to perfectly coordinate with your battlestation. Its durable matte coating prevents fingerprints while providing maximum grip during gameplay.
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