Glorious Model O 2 59g Ultralight RGB Wired Gaming Mouse - Matte White

Our legendary gaming mouse enhanced in every way. Model O is a fusion of lightweight design and game-changing accuracy. Victory has never looked so good.
  • Ultralight 59-gram weight
  • Crisp switches rated for 80M clicks
  • Ultra-flexible Ascended Cable
  • Frictionless G-Skates mouse feet (100% PTFE)
Product Code: GLO-MS-OV2-MW
Price Updated On: 18 Jul, 2024
Warranty: 1 Year Local Warranty*
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Rs. 19,999

Product Details

Impossibly Lightweight

Weighing just 59 grams, experience next level speed and control. It effortlessly glides across your desk thanks to its frictionless mouse feet.

Blazing-Fast Sensor

Never miss a shot with the BAMF 2.0 sensor and its pixel-perfect tracking. Aim with exceptional precision. Dominate the competition.

Elevate Your Gameplay

Redesigned buttons, smooth PTFE feet, and an ultra-flexible cable combine to deliver a premium gaming mouse experience.

Premium Textured Surface

Its enhanced shell allows for a comfortable yet tight grip, so you never slip even during the most intense gaming sessions.

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