Mpow M13 IPX8 Waterproof Wireless Earbuds

MPOW M13 Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging, USB C Fast Charging, Punchy Bass , IPX8 Water Proofing, 28 Hours battery & Twin Stereo Mono Mode
  • IPX8 Water Proofing
  • 28 Hours battery
  • A Punchy Bass Beyond Imagination
  • Twin Stereo Mono Mode
Product Code: 9396
Brand: MPOW
Price Updated On: 30 Nov, 2022
Warranty: 1 Year Local Warranty*
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Rs. 5,899

Product Details

A Punchy Bass Beyond Imagination

Mpow M13 delivers a rich and outstandingly immersive sound you will ever experience. Apart from the punchy sound delivered for music enjoyment, the 3 eartip sizes will also help you to obtain the best fit and further isolate unwanted outside noises.

USB-C and Wireless Charging Case

Apart from the USB-C fast charge, the charging case additionally supports wireless charging, with the inconvenience to hunt for a charging cable forever gone – relax and enjoy effective and efficient high charging speeds. Each bud will last for 7 hours with the case providing an extra 21 hours, and 28 hours use time in total for the whole day.

Two Modes to Use

Each earbud can be used individually as required. Twin Mode is more suitable for music enjoyment, and cuts all unwanted outside noise, so it’s just you and your favorite songs together, so you can fully enjoy the music experience. Mono Mode can be used to help you remove unwanted noises and feel free to pass one earbud to your friend, sharing music together.

Touch-based Features

This outstanding feature allows you to control all play / pause, mute, volume and track settings and even active Siri/Google assistant - all of this can be achieved by a gentle touch of the earbud.

One-step Auto Connection

Just open the case, and it will simply connect in seconds after first time connecting. Additionally the earbuds will also disconnect automatically when putting them back into the case and closing it. All will be done between closing and opening the charging case for added convenience.

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